How do I protect my privacy if personal data leak in the service?

Contributor by Andrei Krauchuk

Here are a few ways to help you keep your privacy and understand who leaked or whose database was hacked or sold (yes, and it happens).

  1. One service = one e-mail (or alias)
    For example, if leak data from a local food delivery service, attackers will get and spam there. You will be able to change it quickly. And yes, an important point, don’t put your name/name in your email address.
  2. Separate physical/virtual number for SMS
    All the same, you just change the number to another. There are many services that allow you to buy or rent a number on a permanent basis.
  3. Don’t use your real name everywhere
    For example, when signing up for cab apps, pharmacies, or store discount cards, you can call yourself whatever you want.
  4. Do not disclose your apartment number
    If possible, ask couriers to leave an order at the concierge and pick it up contactless (if all is paid for) or meet them at the entrance/parade.
  5. A separate card for online shopping and food orders

What other recommendations can you add from personal experience?